Tricks for choosing a hair trimmer

Today there are many types of slicing and contouring machines available. With the rise of the barbershop many brands market their own lines, but not everything runs. In this article we intend to give you the take a moment to choose the greatest cutting machine, as well as tips and details to watch out for when uncertainties arise.
The most important thing is to usually bet on the professional lowering machine, consequently discard dozens of that are not, mainly because they do not allocate 100% towards the hairdressing sector. This will be a guarantee the cutting equipment is well thought out to perform their functions with good results.

After that we should check out several things. In order of importance would be the blades and power, and all the bonuses such as the wire, the different lengths, versatility and ergonomics. We all will go in some parts and we will feature in each point whatever you have to take into consideration when buying wahl legend


The fabric of the cutting blades influences the precision and sturdiness of the reducing machine. Materials such as material or titanium are the most common, although the greatest material is definitely ceramics, mainly because it allows dried out and moist haircuts, would not rust and is definitely self-sharpening because it never will lose the innovative with make use of.


Whenever we talk about power, the characteristics which we should check out are the noises and gerüttel of the trimming machine when used by maximum electric power. It is also essential to assess the over-heating of both the blades and the casing, plus the option to maximize its electricity with the “turbo” button.


You have to take a look at details including the loading as well as the time that remains in use. Important! Electronic n the first make use of, the battery pack spending to the end not having recharging.


In the case of corded machines assess the weight and vibration, plus the length of the wire. On the other hand, the wireless devices that have a charging basic, we must examine whether the charging cable provides the possibility of having the ability to plug in and continue working together with it.


It is important that the equipment can be used for different haircuts. This is certainly achieved in the event the machine possesses a blade leveler that allows it to be used to different positions. You can also assess the option of having different brain, in case you are checking a littoral machine.


Including a complete kit of brought up combs is an important factor, since it gives you the choice to make a change or lean, one of the fashionable cuts.


To benefit the weight and size, we have to be happy with the machine. The region of traction is important that is certainly non-slip or perhaps has an ergonomic desk shape, is known as a detail which can help us determine.


Inside the following infographic you can see where you should identify each feature to take into account in the selection of your trimming machine.

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