Cranberry products for our felines? Are they well worth buying?

A lot of experts and urologists what is properties of cranberry (American cranberry) inside the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections, which in The country affect one in five women. In fact , until some three years ago these conditions were practically cured only with antibiotics. Nevertheless , the use of cranberry as a preventive treatment in these cases has been common in the US for years.

American blueberry (scientific name: Vaccinium macrocarpon ) is actually a plant that grows automatically in wetlands of the eastern US, being this country the primary producer world-wide. It is a little shrub that produces vegetables, cranberries, which in turn mature when they acquire that characteristic red color and a great acidic flavor.

The fruits and vegetables of cranberry extract contain a high proportion of phenolic substances and proanthocyanidins, the latter responsible for the anti-infectious properties of cranberry, since they block the capacity of bacterias to adhere to the urinary bladder epithelium.

In addition to the human species, the useful action of cranberry also extends to various other species, as with the kitten. Our feline friends experience conditions on the lower urinary tract with high frequency and in many cases, these are recurrent, just as it occurs in ladies. In these cases, a nutritional supplement based upon cranberry can help prevent the distressing symptoms that provide cystitis in cats (signs of difficulty and soreness when peeing, urinating often or off of the tray, out and out aggression… ).

cranberry capsules for dogs is a supplement with a different composition. It includes an innovative mixture of blueberry, with antibacterial houses and benefits in maintaining urinary health, and glucosamine, which helps to create the shielding layer in the bladder. It also contains organic relaxing pieces.

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